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5 Autumn Makeup Essentials

by Meena Unique Bunny 02 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Autumn brings the beginning of change, from starting up classes again - in person, if you're lucky enough - to the leaves falling in waterfalls of earthy tones to mark the end of summer. The weather is starting to get a little chilly, and so we turn in our bright and fun colours, opting to ease into more mature browns and reds to reflect the mood around us.

These makeup products are perfect for the short days and long, cool nights. Filled with romantic and understated earthy tones that catch the eyes of those around you, no matter what look you're going for, these makeup products will become essential for this Autumn. 

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1 - 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Colour Palette #Plot Twist

If you've been a fan of Korean cosmetics for a while, there is absolutely no way that you haven't heard of 3CE, launched by the ever-so-popular online store, Stylenanda. This brand quickly shot to stardom, and caters to confident and mature women. So, of course, we had to mention the brand to start off this list of cosmetic goodies. 

What's a better product to match the moodiness of the new season than this gorgeous eyeshadow palette? The Mood Recipe Multi Eye Colour Palette #Plot Twist by Korean powerhouse, 3CE, has a wide range of subtle, natural, and intense Autumn shades

From warm matte shades, to semi-matte, and the always glamorous shimmery shadows, the elegance and definition this palette will give you can't be beat. If that wasn't enough to convince you, maybe the seamless sebum control and buildable pigmentation can!

2 - Nor Airfit Cream Eye Shadow 

Nor is a Japanese brand that prides itself in it's natural and functional products that is suitable for daily makeup without being too intrusive. Their products are designed for modern, working day women who want to look and feel good in the workplace.

If you haven't already hopped on the trend of cream eyeshadows, this is definitely something you should check out. Easy to apply, with the simple swipe of the cream shadow and tap of the finger, you will be be out the door in no time at all! As the formula has buildable coverage, you can control how pigmented you want them to be, and every palette comes with two shades (which are perfect for a simple ombré look, and can be worn by themselves as well).

The Airfit Cream Eye Shadow gives you an eye makeup look with a natural touch, making it perfect for those who desire softer looks. These cream eyeshadows will match the stillness of Autumn, with just a hint of colour - if you feel like going natural - to replicate the changing flora around you. The sophisticated shades and semi-glossy finish are perfect for everyday use, especially as the cream doesn't crease over time! 

3 - UZU Eye Opening Liner

Flowfushi has rebranded their image and now has the philosophy where they aim to unframe beauty; removing any constraints and pushing the limit with bright and bold colours. They're a brand that is free of judgement and perfection, and cater to the bold, the brave, and those who want to go against the grain of traditional beauty. All of their eyeliners are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, alcohol, and sulfate free, making these perfect for those who are trying to be more aware of animal testing or have sensitive skin. Another plus is that majority of the eyeliners are vegan - a total win - minus some purples and pinks. 

With such a diverse selection of shades to choose from, there are no bounds to your self expression this Autumn. Mix and match your favourite shades to create the perfect curated eyeliner look to match your Autumn fits, or use a pop of a bold orange or yellow to add some flair to a sleek, monochrome outfit. With UZU, you can make your own personal tailored eyeliner design according to your personality. 

Autumn weather can change in a blink of an eye, going from sunny to drizzling with darkening clouds in an instant. That's why their advanced formulation that uses a hybrid polymer is absolutely perfect for the weather. These liners will provide the perfect line all day, no need to worry about water, sweat, humidity, tears or oil (which is exactly what we like to hear)!

4 - Rom&nd Milk Tea Velvet Tint

Rom&nd was founded with the help of a popular Korean beauty influencer, Gaeko, who is known for her talent and technique in the field of beauty. She helped the brand become known for its stunning and transformative products, and Rom&nd quickly gained popularity due to their high-quality products that accentuate their customers' unique beauty. 

Imagine seeing these tints in stores, wouldn't they catch your eye? The Milk Tea Velvet Tint is beautifully designed, with rich colours that are based off of real milk tea beverages you can buy in store. The deep shades are perfect for the moodiness of Autumn, and would make any statement lip pop. The cute, little tube features a doe-foot applicator  the best applicator for applying any sort of tint or gloss  and soon you'll be enchanted by the faint aroma of chocolate. Yes, we said chocolate!

After application, the texture is mousse-y and creates a soft blurring effect. Once the product dries down, the finish becomes velvety. Affordably priced, these lippies make any makeup look style-worthy, as you'd expect from a brand designed by a celebrated influencer, and the deep shades are flattering on on all skin tones.

5 - Fujiko Shake Shadow

Fujiko aims to create innovative makeup items that make women feel confident and beautiful, whilst adding the element of surprise and excitement. With their makeup products, you don't need to keep reapplying throughout the day. You can leave the house confident that your makeup will endure whatever you encounter.

The Fujiko Shake Shadow would be perfect for you if you're looking for something that matches the Autumn mood, but still has a little bit of bling. The pigmentation of the sparkles and the neutral ruddy tones match easily with the colours of Autumn, and you can build up to product from natural to bold in just a few easy steps! If you want to shine with a more high-fashion look, you can even use it to highlight cheekbones. 

Another plus to this product is particularly aimed for those who like to wear double eyelid tape. You've all probably had that annoying moment for the powders or creams may get stuck underneath the tape, making it look unnatural. Well, say no more -this product won't get stuck underneath, so you can go out feeling confident in your eye makeup all day long!

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