About Us

Unique Bunny Outlet Location, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

 Our Story

In 2010, Fiona, the founder of Unique Bunny, arrived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for university. She noticed the gap in North America's beauty market for authentic Asian products that embraced the continent's rich culture. She set out on a mission to create a brand that would celebrate uniqueness, while also inspiring people about the beauty and richness of Asian culture.

In 2014, Fiona met several important partners in her life: Kazumi, Meena, Sydney, Lara, Mark, and all the members of the Unique Bunny team who shared the same goals and spirit. They named the brand Unique Bunny, drawing inspiration from the playful and positive nature of bunnies, as well as their associations with good luck and fortune.

Our customers valued the high-quality products and the cultural significance they embodied, feeling empowered to embrace their own unique beauty. Whenever they came to Unique Bunny, they felt a sense of playfulness and positivity, knowing they were part of a community that celebrated uniqueness. At the same time, we ensured that the brand stands for inclusivity, welcoming all customers and embracing all forms of beauty, regardless of background or gender.

Proud of its roots, Unique Bunny remains committed to its ethos of uniqueness, cultural richness, and inspiring people to be their best selves.

Brand Mission

To provide authentic East Asian beauty products with excellence by prioritizing our customers' unique needs.

At Unique Bunny, our mission is rooted in a customer-centered approach that prioritizes the unique needs and desires of everyone who walks through our doors. Guided by knowledgeable staff, we strive to provide a deeply authentic experience that not only educates but also empowers our customers in their beauty and lifestyle choices. Every visit ensures that customers feel celebrated and encouraged to embrace their uniqueness through our accessible Asian beauty products.

Supporting this mission is our ethical code, which commits us to taking exemplary care of our customers and employees alike. We foster an environment of respect and trust, upholding the integrity of the brands we carry and ensuring that every interaction within our community is conducted with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

Each product on our shelves is chosen based on thorough research and customer feedback, reflecting our dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. This customer-centered philosophy ensures that Unique Bunny is not just a store but a trusted partner in the personal and cultural journeys of our customers, making every visit a step towards discovering and embracing their unique beauty and lifestyle.

Brand Vision

Vision Statement: " To be the most welcoming and vibrant destination for Asian beauty.

This refined vision statement keeps the focus on making Unique Bunny a welcoming and vibrant hub for Asian beauty, emphasizing the impact of diversity and the enriching experiences provided by your stores. It also aligns with the global scope of your aspirations while maintaining the warmth and energy.

Unique Bunny, Northgate/McPhillips Location, Winnipeg, MB, Canada